Project Scope

The Diamantina Power Station Project (DPS) is a $570 million investment in Mount Isa by APA Group (APA) and AGL Energy Limited (AGL) to secure the power supply needs of North West Queensland now and into the future.

When complete, DPS’s 302 MW of power generation facilities site will provide the region with reliable, on demand natural gas-fired electricity. DPS will provide 242 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power generation and the adjacent Leichhardt Power Station (LPS) will deliver 60 MW of Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) power generation.


The scope of the Project during the construction phase comprises the following 4 primary elements:

  • 242 MW combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station (DPS)
  • 60 MW open-cycle gas-turbine (OCGT) power station (LPS)
  • 132 kV, 1.4km double circuit transmission line and distribution switchyard to connect DPS and LPS to the existing electricity network
  • 2 gas laterals in order to receive gas shipped through APA’s Carpentaria Gas Pipeline

The parties contracted by DPS Co to deliver these works are:

Counterparty   Scope
Forge Power
(Siemens principle

EPC contract for the 242 MW DPS comprising 2 power blocks each consisting of 2 x 40MW gas turbines (SGT-800),
2 x heat recovery steam generators (“HRSGs”), 1 x 40MW steam turbo generator (SST-400) and control systems, together with balance of plant (transformers, cooling towers, air inlet chillers, export high voltage switchyard, water storage and water and wastewater treatment facilities).

Following voluntary receivership of the turn-key contractor Forge Group in February 2014, DPS is working with the administrator to ensure site progress and construction continues.  The target date for completion remains mid-2014.

Leighton Contractors   D&C contract for the 60MW LPS (with black start and dual fuel capability), open-cycle power station utilising a dual-fuel Rolls Royce Trent 60 Wet Low Emissions gas turbine.
UGL   D&C contract for 1.4km 132kV double circuit transmission line and 9 bays, 132 kV distribution switchyard and connection which allows DPS to connect to the 5 MIM feeders as well as 2 feeders into the MCPS B-Switchyard. Includes the establishment of the necessary communications systems (MLSS, SCADA and protection) and the redirection of 5 MIM 132kV feeders.
APA Group   2 gas laterals from Mica Gas Gate to DPS and LPS.